Automotive testing

KymiRing, easy to reach anywhere from the world, offers versatile testing possibilities on its 180 hectares circuit area which includes convertible highspeed GP track, huge 6 hectares asphalt/gravel dynamics area, numerous off-road tracks with steep up- and downhills and more.

The whole circuit area is covered with extremely efficient 5G technology to offer safe and secure testing environment to develop for example autonomous and connected vehicles and software. Testing can be carried out throughout the year in different weather conditions from the warmest summer to the coldest and snowiest winter.

Modern pit building serves testing teams with up to 4300 m2 of garage space on ground floor and decorated and equipped office space with view on the second floor. The whole infrastructure is planned to serve even the biggest test teams and the facilities provide for example EV charging and PTT technology for customers.

Motorsport Events

KymiRing motorsports and events venue is indisputably one of the newest and most advanced motorsports and events venues in the world. The brand new GP Track following the highest requirements of FIM and FIA calls for any international grand motorsports events. In addition to the main track, KymiRing also offers world class Motocross, Rallycross and Speedway tracks to fulfill the needs of any racers.

Besides the challenging picturesque new track, KymiRing’s 12 000m2 Pit Building offers its modern infrastructure to serve all international sport requirements with 36 boxes and large and convertible media, conference and office space.

Track Days

KymiRing venue is not built for only professional race drivers: Are you hungry for speed and excitement on Northern Europe’s one and only GP Track? You can have it! Open track days are organized at KymiRing approximately every month.

Launches and Media Events

KymiRing provides majestic and picturesque scenery with its brand new GP Track and Pit Building for any VIP guest event. Our modern spaces can be easily modified for any tailor made need for example for product launches, PR activities or driving experiences.

Driver Training

With its versatile track environment KymiRing is ideal for any type of driver training from beginners to professionals.