The new owners commit to investments and bring expertise to turn the facility into an acclaimed motorsport centre.

TRP Hungary confirms that it has led a consortium that has acquired the assets of KymiRing racing circuit in Finland and co-founded Finland Motorsport Circuit Holding Oy together with investment partners. The new owners are committed to develop the circuit into an internationally acclaimed facility by relying on their expertise and highly successful track records in the field of motorsports and various other business sectors.

The KymiRing is a purpose-built motorsport and automotive facility in Kausala of the Iitti municipality, located 110 km north-east of the capital Helsinki. The start of the project dates back to the mid-2010s with the purpose of creating a “FIM Grade A” (MotoGP standard) racecourse in Finland where the culture of various motorsports is deeply embedded into the society. The facility features a 4.5km international racetrack with a state-of-the-art pit building and a 2.3km corporate circuit layout. Other developments, including motocross, rallycross and speedway tracks are also planned.


Due to various issues, the company behind the project filed for bankruptcy in April 2023 but the creditors were open to negotiate with new investors to continue the project that will see KymiRing coming to life in the near future.

TRP Hungary’s objective is to create a financially sound investment that successfully operates a leading motorsport facility in the region. TRP Hungary created an ultimate development program with a phasing strategy that ensures continuous development on the site in the coming years.

The facility was designed by UK-based Apex Circuit Design Ltd., the investment consortium features TRP Hungary, US-based private investor Alex Rabb, Balázs Kerék, owner of Raorg TransLog and Mika Wilska, who was born in Kouvola and managed several business incubation projects in Germany.

The new management is aiming to involve local expertise and knowledge and would like to cooperate with local communities to turn this project into a joint success. As a part of this, the management has worked in the preparation phase in active cooperation with Jani Backman, former organizer of Rally Finland and general secretary of AKK-Motorsport.


TRP Hungary confirms that the financing is entirely private, no public funds are involved.

‘It is remarkable to have the opportunity to get involved and contribute to the development of KymiRing in Finland, a country with an unbelievably rich history and culture in motor racing. From rallying to circuit racing, on two wheels or four, Finland is the go-to destination for motorsports,’ said Tamás Őry, CEO of TRP Hungary.

Kornél Őry, CEO of Finland Motorsport Circuit Holding Oy added: ‘Our vision is to create a leading sports and entertainment centre in the Nordic and Baltic region. We are thrilled that together with our partners, we can access this huge untapped potential that KymiRing holds. We will do our best to utilise all the expertise that we have gained during our careers to make this project work for the benefit of our investors, the local communities and everybody who is passionate about motorsports.’

TRP Hungary: Quality Experiences in Motorsports

TRP Hungary is a group of companies operating in the field of motorsports, with TRP Events being its core business providing promotional and organisational services for Hungarian sporting and professional events.

The company has successfully promoted and organized international motorsport events in Hungary, including the FIA European Rally Championship, the FIA European Truck Racing Championship and the Superenduro GP of Hungary which is a round of the FIM Superenduro World Championship.

The group also features Motorsport Talent Management (MOTAM) and TRP Media, operating various media outlets. It was established in 2015 as Truck Race Promotion, with the initial mission to bring truck racing back to Hungary.

Since then, it has become increasingly involved in the development of motorsport events. Its activities have expanded since 2021 with the launch of MOTAM and TRP Media.