KymiRing Chairman of the Board Kari O. Sohlberg and Project Manager Timo Pohjola met President of Federation Internationale de l'Automobile – FIA, Jean Todt.

Alahärmä hosts the European Karting Championship event in Finland last weekend. The Flying Finn 100 Race is the official FIA European Karting Championship event and it's also a part of the official program of Finland's 100th independence year. There was visiting also FIAs President Jean Todt. Kari O. Sohlberg and Timo Pohjola were discussing with him and updated KymiRing news, they told him about motor sport venue and drivers test and training center achievement. Jean Todt think that this whole project is one-of-a-kind and he will follow up with high curiously its realization. Meeting was productive in many ways and KymiRings future to organize world championships also in car races seems to be encouraging.

“Finland is a paradise for all car sport actives, regardless of type. The passion towards motorsport shows everywhere”, Todt said. KymiRing had awake interest also from FIA.

KymiRing already have an agreement for organizing royal class championships of two wheels, MotoGP race. KymiRing has every opportunity to organize also Grade 1 races, which has woken lots of speculations for Finlands own F1-race. FIA and F1 new owner Liberty Media wants to expand marketing area and KymiRings location in Northern Europe, near Russia, will support these wishes.

Meeting with KymiRings representatives was part of Todt's visit in Finland. “It has been fantastic to see, that there is so much vision and leadership to build this kind of circuit”, he said. In addition, in KymiRing venue belongs also drivers test and training center. “It is so great, that besides the motor sport, there are possibilities to develop driving skills for everyday traffic users.”